Logistics service WIT

WIT – World International Transport is a globally-oriented logistics company, which is evident from its name and the presentation of the company. Its particularity is well-established and highly professional business co-operation with the Balkans, Middle East and Central Asia. It is distinguished by its penetration in these areas and traditional maintenance of logistics routes that are constantly renewed and expanded.

The level of logistics service of our company is in accordance with specific requirements of cargo and handling with goods. We primarily strive to optimize transport conditions for the transport of any type of cargo. Safety, precision and consistent freight tracking from the beginning to the end of the route are the features trusted by numerous Slovenian and foreign companies.

Many years' experience in organization of international transport of different loads and continuous co-operation with foreign freight forwarders and transporters account for competitive prices of our services.

Container transport

Our container service includes sea transport of full container loads (FCL) of different forms and dimensions, and organization of groupage container loads (LCL and CCS).

Chartering and shipping agency

We organize transports of unit and groupage container loads via Port of Koper (Slovenia) and other Mediterranean ports.
Good connections with shipping companies and familiarity with logistics routes enable us to reach all world ports, where we take care of departures, arrivals and warehousing of cargo.

Road transport

We offer transport of full and groupage loads within countries of EU and transport from the countries of EU to the following destinations and the other way round:
  • The Balkans (via EU border crossing Obrezje)
  • Bulgaria (via EU border crossing Obrezje)
  • Greece (via EU border crossing Obrezje)
  • Turkey (via EU border crossing Obrezje)
  • Iraq (via Zakho)
  • Afghanistan (via Islamqala)
  • Azerbaijan (via Astara)
  • Turkmenistan (via Bajgiran)

We receive and dispatch cargo in accordance with specific requirements of cargo and distance from destination. We transport full, groupage, temperature controlled, oversized and dangerous cargo.

Rail transport

We offer rail transports with different types of wagons seeking to optimize transport conditions, and calculation of transport fees on all European and Russian rail routes including the Middle East.
We organize reloading from narrow to standard gauge wagons at Hungarian terminal Zahony.
We also organize container rail transport, particularly into Russia and other CIS countries. We offer UZUU and “LAST TRIP - Shippers own” 20’ and 40’ containers.

Multimodal transport

We organize multimodal truck/wagon transports to Russia and other CIS countries with reloading to standard gauge wagons.

Air transport

Connections with well known companies enable us to reach all world destinations.


We offer a warehouse in Ljubljana (Slovenia), where we clear customs, warehouse, reload and dispatch goods with Slovenian or foreign transporters according to our client’s needs.
We organize warehousing and reloading in Sofia (Bulgaria), Zahony (Hungary), Istanbul (Turkey) and Almaty (Kazakhstan).

Freightforwarding certificates

Membership in FIATA, International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, enables us to issue all freight forwarding certificates.

Other services

We organize inspections of cargo in Slovenia and elsewhere.
Counselling, planning and carrying out transport operations.